The Power Of A Nap When You Need It

power of a nap
Written by Chioma Gabriel

A power of a nap is really just slept on.

Some days are frustrating; not because there’s so much to do, but because you can’t get yourself to do anything even if you try. If you have to be actively involved with work or whatever, there isn’t so much your body will let you do without the much needed nap. It is hard to be getting so much from nature and fight so hard to give something back. Sounds unfair

I can tell you, that you won’t get past a stage with your eyes still open.

When there’s so much to do, we don’t want to share our little first few hours with a nap because technically; nothing happens in your sleep. But when you sit at a spot and struggle to get yourself to be present, there’s a huge chance that your whole body needs a break.  You can take a walk and jump around a little to get sleep out of the way, but does it really go away? Stress is sometimes the sleep you’ve deprived yourself a number of important times.

Well, maybe not exactly sleep, a nap is what it is. (Not like sleeping is a strange word lol, that too; is very needed)

Most of the times when we are really low on creativity and nothing is coming, it is those little things we’ve fought back. One uninterrupted nap a day, keeps the head straight you know. That’s what I’ve come to learn in all my struggling to keep my eyes open in the middle of work, especially creative work.

power of a nap

Here’s what happens

When you keep work away and, maybe not exactly give into a rest, but more like; give yourself a rest, everything that happens the moment you are back up, is with so much alertness and readiness for work. A nap is a powerful part of the creative flow, of the work flow. But don’t do it beyond 45 minutes, because then; it would be a nice sleep.

A nap is a whole different thing from sleep, you can sleep recklessly for hours and get up to absolutely nothing after, the best people even go back to more sleep. Lol.  In a world where we hardly get enough sleep, the least we can do during the day; is take a nap.

It really does help your head and your mind.

There are a few very convincing scientific and health benefits that come with a power nap, it is so much more than just shutting out for a few minutes. Plus there’s a TedTalk by Sara Mednick that goes deep enough into what the whole nap thing is supposed to be.

If you are looking at reaching your goals as a creative or what not, i think you should stop fighting it when you really need to rest your head for a few minutes. There’s no harm when nature takes it’s course.

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