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The Hunger For Growth- For a Better Life

The hunger for growth- for a better life
Written by Chioma Gabriel

Somethings are common with all of us, the hunger for growth is the heartbeat of all of them.

Living can be hard work sometimes, especially at times when you feel stuck with no growth. When everything that helps you breathe is sick of the air that comes from being in one unprogressive place. The depressing feeling of waking up to the same hateful life over and over again, dealing with the same little growth and wondering where all that big plans went. Why you are the only one left in the whole world without a real reason to smile, smile without finding your mind in a thousand different places; trying to get some good air.

Hunger is a real powerful thing, but nothing hurts like being in too many places finding a way out of a situation and falling right back where you started. It stings like a motherfucker, it stings so bad. Like being so damn passionate about a dream you’ve nursed for so long but the best that ever happens is your big head rolling in circles and not even a single luck finds you.The hunger for growth- for a better life

So much happens in this phase of life, you know without a tiny doubt that you have a big place in this world, that you will find enough space to spread your wings and fly, you know you are enough and you will get that life you carry in your chest all day, but there’s always that kitchen sink where you cry and wonder how that big dream is supposed to even pop his big head and become a reality so someone can finally have a good life.

It’s a whole phase

It might help a tiny bit to know that this phase has a whole community of people like you, waking up with a chest so heavy and they can’t even move their feet first thing in the morning because it already feels like repeating the same day over and over, even with all their brilliant ideas and big dreams. It’s a phase that’ll surely sicken you out, but there’s a bright side.

Striving and looking forward to better days are two key ingredients to entering your place of peace, the one place that has kept you up nights in and out. it is the hunger in us that makes it so hard to give life a rest, believing so bad that things will work out and putting in every last sweat in the work that gives you this much hope, hope that you’ve come to hold so dear because it’s all that you have.

I might have only been around for just a little over two decades, but I can tell you that’s enough to be dead sure of something in this world. That would be that, I have never seen a fighter lose in his own battle, he either wins or he learns; either ways, he lives to keep the match on! And in the end, good and hard work always gets the appreciation they deserve.

It’s a phase you’ll be proud to have learnt and gained from, but you better keep the hope, the faith and the work on; because it is in those things that you’ll grow for real.

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