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Small Talk On Delayed Gratification

Delayed Gratification
Written by Chioma Gabriel

Delayed Gratification in my own words; is the science of never getting too worked up over the things you can’t afford now because good things never end and there’ll be far better things by the time you are boxed up.

With the world constantly flashing good things at our faces, it would take a lot of strength to look away from the things we are drawn to; especially in this age where it’s the battle of looks. The whole idea of delayed gratification is actually seeing these things but being mentally aware that even though it’d be really mad to have them in your closet or what not, there will always be way nicer things every time and good things will soon be the least of your problems.

I would almost blame it on designers and creative stylists who make it hard for us stylish and fashion loving millennials to live a day without trying the hardest to convince ourselves that it won’t hurt to make a good buy once in a while on the things we are crazy about, but as a fanatic for business minds; I would rather blame it on our taste as vain humans who simply love to shop.

Delayed Gratification

I mean, who doesn’t like to step out looking like some hot snack? Or pull up in some nice Mercedes-Benz X- Class and everything nice? It really won’t hurt to have a nice buy(s) every once in a while when we are equal to it, but if it means going back to your bank account and blaming it on some innocent village people for not being able to secure the next descent meal; then it hurts. I’m sorry if this is focusing a lot on looks, it’s actually delayed gratification for everything you beat yourself for when you probably can get them, but you cannot afford them.

Delayed Gratification

Good things don’t end, they come back ten times over every time you think they are gone and you just missed them. You can cat walk out of that zone of saying it’s “over-sized” when in fact your account balance is reading red. One little thing that might look something like an advise is that you stay on your grind all day, be a little less concerned with luxury so you don’t wrap up your little profit and go out of business, steady save a little more for the rainy days and in just a matter of time; you will be stepping into all the big stores and stepping out with everything you’ve ever wanted.

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