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Nigerian Man Sells Roasted Corn In Dubai

Nigerian man -
Written by Chioma Gabriel

You know what’s easier than running out of things to do? Not doing anything about it! This Nigerian man in Dubai created a job for himself; selling the most unlikely thing. There’s so much to complain about when you move to a place that is supposed to change your life and absolute nothing comes out of it, but thank God for the people who don’t just sit back and let life happen to them all for free, the ones who are not afraid to be the exception and do something alien, as long they believe in it.

Roasted corn is not a thing in Dubai, its strange and funny, but after one broke man got tired of things not working as planned, he made them know what they were missing.

The Nigerian man, Obinna,  was in Dubai without a job; a place he thought was the “greener pastures“. Being jobless was the motivation he needed to think outside the box.  It would have been a really impossible idea for a lot of others, but since it wasn’t going to send him to jail; he thought why not?

Thinking out of the box is really thinking out of the box, you are at the risk of getting some crazy ideas that you never bargained for in your head, and most of the time, those are the exact ideas that work.

He was in a local restaurant one day when a man placed an order, it was mashed potato and grilled corn, but the corn was not roasted as well as it’s natively done in Nigeria with coals, that was when the idea came to him. It was a pretty low capital business, so he gathered the things he needed and started selling close to his neighborhood along the streets.

It wasn’t easy making sales at the beginning because it’s generally hard getting people to try something that’s completely strange, especially when it’s supposed to be food. But one curious man after another, one man finally approached and that turned business around for Obinna.

He says “at first, people who passed by looked at me with curiosity as they had never seen anything of its kind up until one man approached me and I gave him one corn cob to taste. He liked it and the following day, invited four of his friends who bought and even took some home”.

He created a business that earns him about 60 – 80 Durham daily, that’s $22 (N8,000) everyday from selling roasted corn. That’s some proof that you need to be doing some deep thinking if you want a little change in the way things are working for you.

Story Source:  Abia State online media.

Would you be bold enough to do something insanely different in an attempt to create a job?



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