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Finding Inspiration As A Writer

finding inspiration
Written by Chioma Gabriel

Finding inspiration.

People who write, feel every word in their bones and they love the art that is writing. It is the safest place in the world to be buried for a few hours; totally stuck in your head for that one message you would give any sanity to deliver. It is the mind, spirit and soul all coming alive in one place, bringing your deep thoughts to sacred words. Words that reach and touch lives.

Writers are perfectly normal people by day, but they walk round the earth when you are not there, wandering to bring back that missing piece that is making life so incomplete. They are creators who feel too much and dream too much, but sometimes; there’s a huge disconnect. The times when a writer no longer feels so much like a writer. When they sit at a spot for the same long hours with so much they want to turn into books, but a word is hardest thing to find.

They say we are magic, born with the gift that nothing can take away from us, but how much sense does that make now that we are the writers who can’t write? The feeling of losing your power and you stand unable to do a thing about it. It’s like being lost in a head that is completely alien to you, like you have to find an escape route back to the real you before this stranger lives their own dreams completely drowning yours. As a writer, hearing the words “Writer’s block” must have become a house-hold name for you.  The frustration in holding out a pen or staring at a blank screen for something that looks like two hours without already being confident of a great piece.

Being stuck as a writer happens all the time, even to the best writers. Of course we love what we do because it’s the one thing that comes most natural to us, but inspiration doesn’t live in one place, that pretty much explains why it’s only best to be the one finding it sometimes.

We live in a world where different things work for different people, with creativity; there are hardly any set rules, you just find that spot that beats everything else and run with it till the times change.

finding inspiration

Writers are artists who feed on real inspiration, the force that walks the earth with unspeakable meanings to everything, everything. Inspiration lives in the simplest places, in hopeless places, in broken situations. It is the reason we evolve.

To find your way back to writing, you have to sit face to face with inspiration. Have a moment alone.

On finding inspiration, these things will light you up again:


What better way to get back in touch with words than books? Reading will save your life when you’ve run out of inspiration, times when you want to grab a book and see what your favourite writers will do if they were in the same struggle as you.

Be invested in resourceful reading. Every writer has a bit of them in every other writer using their heart as a pen to change the world. Close your writing for a while and open your mind to deep reading.


As writers, a lot of things speak to us, a lot of which have to do with words. Singers are disguised writers with a mic, their lines could break chains and heal the world all at once. There’s definitely a stream of new ideas and inspiration that opens up in your spirit when you hear your kind of music, your kind of soul music. Music gets the thoughts, the feelings, the pain, the aspirations, music gets the words out.


The kind that strikes a chord deep in your spine! writers are artists, they create and connect deeply with Art creations.  Movies have a lot of creativity and inspiration that go into them, you just need to catch it. You can step out to the cinemas for good movies, download or Netflix, just sit with a movie that’ll take you out of this world and into your zones.


Sometimes, we’ve taken too much of a place that no matter how hard we try to do something extraordinary, we just don’t go beyond a level. It’s not because our lives as writers have ended, but sometimes because there’s no fresh air to create the next big thing or even get the inspiration for it. Places do a lot to our eyes and mind, the two gateways to getting inspired. If you can, look for a country with a lot of activities and go there for a short time, go with your note pad and everything that helps you write.

Go Out

It doesn’t have to be out of your Country, go someplace peaceful. An environment that ignites your spirit to think deeper. Go to Art galleries, Art libraries, Cinemas, a church service, a friend’s, any place you feel something new every time.

I know you love your life as a writer. It gives you peace and helps you reconcile with your own life when you plus life have messed up. I know you hate how you can’t write a thing just by staring at a blank sheet, I also know it happens to the best of writers and you just need this break to experience something new.

You won’t always feel so much like a writer and that’s okay. Some writers haven’t written a thing in nearly 3 years and they are still writers. Just don’t shut things down completely.

As a writer, what other ways have you gotten past the writer’s block? what worked and still works for you? Do share your experience in the comment section below.




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