Black Panther : Exactly Where In Africa Is Wakanda

Written by Chioma Gabriel

I honestly wonder if Black Panther would be as captivating if it wasn’t set in Wakanda, the nation is beyond believable, it’s Art! it is so hard to walk out of the movie without a burning desire to know exactly where in Africa this crazily advanced nation is.

Black Panther Wakanda

The view of Wakanda in the beginning of Marvel’s Black Panther, the artistic and historical; yet highly advanced towers and scenery prepared us for the journey of all that great emotions and priceless action we were about to see throughout the iconic movie. Black Panther’s Wakanda is a fictitious African nation that stands as the only Continent worldwide that was never colonised, yet comes as absolute first in advanced technology; just too commendable for a place in nowhere else but our own Africa! who else is proud?

Black Panther Wakanda

Now exactly where is this highly secretive and technologically advanced African nation located?

Though Black Panther and the Wakandans could be traced to the Kenyans from their Massai looks and accent; the Marvel Cinematic Universe (makers of The Black Panther) appears to place it in East Africa.

Black Panther Wakanda

South Sudan strongly claims it as their nation, but Kenya has current control. It is a fictitious place that hardly truly exists because it has never been accurately traced, it appeared on a map eight years ago as Easter egg, but in real life; that land is mainly desert.

In the comics of Marvel’s cinematic universe, the location has varied across different African states,  Marvel appears to place it where Atlas No 2 places it and that’s in East Africa.  Technically, Wakanda exists on the map and if it were a real nation, it would be in North-Western Kenya, bordering Lake Turkana, South Sudan and Ethiopia and Uganda.

Black Panther Wakanda

It is the picture of a Country that holds the strongest metal in the world and still stayed away from wars, keeping Wakanda protected from outsiders.

Let me know if you’ve gotten over the emotions from Black Panther the movie, what’s the one thing you took home from sitting through every scene? Do you have a favorite character? Let me know in the comment section below.

Cheer to more blockbuster movies elevating Africa!





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