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Ire- Adekunle Gold’s New Single

Adekunle Gold's Ire-
Written by Chioma Gabriel

When they say music brings back the things we’ve lost, Adekunle Gold just confirms everything in that statement in his new single; Ire, a song that speaks deeply to the world.

 Ire -

Ire by Adekunle Gold

When a man wants to reflect on his journey, the lessons he’s learnt trying to find his way to a meaningful life, his whole heart sings a song, Adekunle Gold has described his music as “music that speaks to the world”, Ire is that song!

The Nigerian urban highlife singer has always been a man of many stories, crowned in the Art he respects; Adekunle Gold recreates the sound  of King Sunny Ade so good. The beauty in finding your own voice, the one that best helps you communicate your message to the world that is lost without it.

The Ire song and video both have a single cry, the phase every young and old person can totally relate to because we’ve been there, trying to go away for what seems like the better life but life will always be life; especially when we are going the wrong way.

Adekunle Gold's Ire -

Ire by Adekunle Gold

Starting a song with:

“The grass is greener on the other side, that’s what I thought before I took the ride.”

what was a man thinking, to have been hit so hard with a song packed with so much meaning!

My Favorite Ire Lyrics 

“The grass is greener, where you water the ground

That’s what i found, when i took the ride

I realized, the mountain I’ve been climbing

is nothing but sand”

The world can definitely use some truth, truths that helps us through mid-life crisis and past depression and all that sad phases that are the hardest to accept.

“The life I was looking for was already my own,” 

Adekunle Gold's Ire -

Ire by Adekunle Gold

We want to be out of here, we want to be there, we want to see our wings take us round the world, we want something, everything, all the time, but the truth is; that life we chase everyday is already the same life we have.

Adekunle Gold dedicates the song to his late little sister who they lost to a heart complication in 2011. The little girl seen dancing around with him in the video represents Busayo, his sister.

We could see the bond between brother and sister when the little girl in the video never left his side.

What are your thoughts on this song? Let’s talk in the comment section below.

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