Accepting That People Grow Apart

People grow apart
Written by Chioma Gabriel

People grow apart”

This should be one of the most painful parts of life, that we’ll one day; become strangers to the people we once  shared everything, the ones that had our backs as much as we had theirs. Reality is never fair when it hits us, but we’ve seen these things happen, we’ve seen people grow apart. We’ve tried starting conversations with our long time favorite people and hated ourselves for not having anything to say. We could swear they felt just the same.

Throughout life, the biggest blessings we freely get are people, the friends that make every step a story to tell. We ride through so much together, we understand the meaning of sharing our lives as long as it’s with them. Even though it was easy to hate ourselves every 5 minutes, it was all love. But its crazy that times change and we have to be at different places, chasing our own stars and being our best selves.

It is somewhere in our new found lives, that we slowly; but surely drift apart.

This is not the reality for everyone, some of us live and die as best friends, no matter the odds. We fall out of each other and pick ourselves back up every time our eyes meet. But what about all our other best friends? the ones with whom we had a different love story? the sad truth, we all grow apart.

It’s human to feel bad and even break into tears for being too careless with our relationships, but just maybe nothing would have changed if we tried to stick around a little more. No one is bound to be in one place forever. The weight of being responsible for your life as a adult, takes its great toll on the best of us.

My best friend and i had each other for the most part of our childhood, nothing could bring us apart since we had become sisters and it was too late. But she moved, then she went to school. I had to come to terms with the fact that she would form new relationships and direct her time somewhere else. Even though we still talk about old times and argue about who knows who best, i still miss my best friend, and badly.

It’s a big roller coaster we live in. I’m not sure how that makes sense, but it helps to look away from denial and accept that things won’t always be just the same.  Especially with people.

It’s nobody’s fault that life gets in the way, only some people will give whatever it takes to keep their friends, the people that actually fight for friendship. In life, and as humans, we were made to grow and outgrow each other.

It takes accepting the reality, to move on in sound mind

Be insanely happy for your friends for having new people in their lives. People who give them the blessing of friendship you once did.  You still have each other as long as you don’t stay away from each other for fear of not having anything to say. Love, appreciate and stay in touch with the new good friends you are gifted with, while you stay reachable to the ones you shared the most and most memorable times.



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