About TAM

The Afrik Muse Is an African inspired story-telling platform, telling untold human stories from all parts of the world. We believe greatly in the power of a story,  the real things that inspire humanity and the reason for our lives. We are writing all the things that matter in a connected world.

The human story is that little child healing from the loss of a single parent, that great guy living with an incurable disease, that middle aged woman suffering from depression, the girl on a bus leaving home to chase a dream. It is history, it is the people who were here before us.  It is all of our stories. The human story is the biggest part of our whole lives.

TAM is an open platform to share your stories, your art, your narratives. What are you doing for humanity? If you give the world a true story, it grows a thousand times in faith for what’s left for us. `

About Founder

African Inspiration

I have too many failed attempts at writing a piece about myself but let’s do this one more time.

Hi, I am Chioma Gabriel, a writer and storyteller. I am deeply inspired by the ordinary things that make life a lot meaningful, things like real stories. It is how I write, more like; how I live.

I’ve been on many roads, basically writing. I’m currently learning to unlearn everything society has taught me about standards,  i’ve learned that only your truth will save your life. I’m 23, i enjoy long walks by myself and these days; i probably love to keep my feet clean than i have makeup on.