5 Things That Will Make You An Overnight Success

Overnight success
Written by Chioma Gabriel

How nice does that sound? becoming an overnight success, waking up to see that you no longer have to stress a day in your life because damn, you slept and woke up with your life is all fixed.

I hope you didn’t think for a second that those words are real, okay maybe they are; but you won’t even be talking about overnight success if you don’t know these 5 things:

So you want to be Diddy by morning?

These 5 things will have you living your best life if you don’t wake up and it’s rapture.

1.Think Success

If you’ve been around for as old as the Internet and you haven’t heard that you need to have something in your head long enough for it to become your reality, then you just heard it here. Everything we become, we owe to our predominant thoughts, the things we never stop thinking about.

The mind is the first and biggest place to lay a solid foundation, even if the whole world is struggling; what you deeply believe of yourself and your journey, are the reasons you’ll become successful. The law of attraction is all thoughts, everything in the universe connects to the energy that goes on in our minds, it’s a fact. Think success, like be so full of it that it come out of you, and you’ll get a million opportunities to be successful by morning.

2. Start Something

If there’s one thing any successful person is grateful for, it is the day they started. If you want to add a meaning to your life, if you want to finally wake up and have something to life for, then start that burning idea you’ve always believed in. I feel we are all in so much luck these days because starting out a dream has become unbelievably easy, there’s help everywhere you turn, but the most priceless of them all is self-help! the one you give yourself.

My favorite thing to talk about is ideas, because they put your life right in your own hands. Start something, if the topic is being a success, then what are you being successful at? being a success? Success is pretty much relative, but i’m talking Forbes success, the one that gets you on the world map. Whatever it is, you just need to get past the starting stage to get into it and share your life half and half with it, some people give it their whole life, it’s just you at the end of the day.

3. Learn Everyday

Whatever it is you have to give, there are a million ways to give it, and a million other people who can give it just like you. Steady learning is the savior in business, you’ll be outshone in just a minute if you don’t think you need to know more to constantly do more. Learn everyday!

4. Persevere

If there was no word like this, I honestly wonder how success would have been possible for all the big names we admire today. Nothing big comes easy, there has to be a price somewhere in between, some talking to yourself and believing you have a whole world waiting for what you have to give.

Perseverance is something you teach yourself, it’s crazy doing the same thing everyday and getting little in turn, but it’s crazier when you keep doing what you do and then it finally starts to make sense! Persevere, take the pain in as they come, give your dreams a shot every new day, live for it!

5. 10 Years Of Trying

Biz Stone; co-Founder of Twitter gave this quote as a reply to your question ” Timing, Perseverance and 10 years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success” he didn’t lie. Being in business means you have to be all in, body and soul, reaching your peak won’t take a day, this is not saying that you need 10 years; but you shouldn’t mind that long either.

You’ll be working good enough to stay in business and be relevant, but most of the big names we swear are overnight successes, have a back story that took decades to make sense of what they are about.

There you have it! Overnight success is a myth, except it is the night after a lot of long nights.


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